Wells Evening Society

Lecturer Info

All the lectures are held in the Wells Town Hall, the location of which, local parking, Islington Farm B&B and the ASK restaurant, can be found on the following map.

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The full address of Wells Town Hall is; Market Place, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2RB

Details of the lecture space and equipment
The main room in the Wells Town Hall used for the lectures is  23  x  9 metres ( with a height of  6.4  metres and seating for up to 220 people. Wells Evening Society has its own full suit of state of the art projection and audio equipment for use by the lecturer that include the following items. Secure high quality cables help to provide top quality projection and sound.

The lecturers can thus provide their lecture in the form of a PowerPoint file on a ‘Memory Stick’ that can be used to transfer the relevant file to the laptop ready for the presentation. The system can easily cope with sound clips and inserted video links if these are required. The Society also has the ability to link DVD and CD players into the projection and sound equipment if required.

Screen   3.65  x  3.65 metres (12 x 12 feet)
Laptop Computer HP Pavilion laptop with HDMI output and Blue Ray
Projector Systems   Optoma EP782 Digital Projector with 5000 Lumens brightness.
DVD Player ASDA   with HDMI output
Remote Changer Kensington infra red remote changer + laser pointer
Audio System 2 X 400 watt powered Mackie speakers
Microphones Headset, tie clip and hand microphones  radio linked to the AudioMixer desk with a back up microphone linked bcable direct to the speakers.