Steve Lee Associates

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Who Are Steve Lee Associates

As you can understand from the name, the major asset is myself, Steve Lee, although I do have links with people active in the Footwear and Polyurethane industries.

What Qualities do we Offer

Many things including energy, an inquiring mind, perseverance, curiosity and a willingness to change - a classic resource facilitator. Most important of all we have years of experience and a broad stable base of contacts in our target industries. To focus more on specific areas of knowledge:


  • Over 40 years practical experience in the Footwear and Polyurethane Industries.
  • Detailed knowledge of the markets and products in the target industries.
  • Five years as a marketing manager ending up at ICI Polyurethanes (now Huntsman Polyurethane).
  • 16 successful years as a freelance consultant with a wide range of contracts in the Footwear, Polyurethane and Polyolefin industries.
  • The ability to solve most market based problems.